Although we pride ourselves on being wedding specialists and able to offer our clients complete flexibility as to their own requirements, we do sometimes get asked to provide a sample playlist, or to give advice as to the running order of a typical Wedding Reception. We are always happy to offer advice where we can, and this guide covers some of the more popular questions which we are often asked prior to booking.

Please remember that all functions are different and therefore this information is given purely as a guide. We do carry 1000's of music tracks spanning the last five decades and so the music played can be as varied as the tastes of each individual who is attending!.

All audiences are different, and a lot of what we play will depend on 'reading' the audience and watching the reaction on the dancefloor, no DJ, however experienced, can predict an exact playlist in advance of your own function since musical taste is as individual to each person as is their taste in food, drink, fashion etc.

It is tradition at Wedding Receptions, for the Bride and Groom to have the first dance, and this usually signals the start of the actual disco.

If you have invited Evening Guests, who may not have attended the actual Wedding Ceremony, then it is often advisable to leave the first dance until the majority of the guests have arrived, and suitable background music is played during this period.

The Bride and Groom also choose the first track, and sometimes also choose a second track as well. The second track is usually played and dedicated to the Bride and her Father, or for the Bride & Groom to invite their friends and relatives to join them on the dancefloor. This second track is not obligatory, but can be included if required.

We always invite all of our clients to provide a playlist, ahead of the function detailing any special requests which we will try and include during the course of the Evening. We do ask that this request list is kept to 15 tracks or less, to ensure continuity and for us to incorporate the requests of your guests on the night of the actual function.

At Wedding Receptions, or indeed any function with a mixed aged audience we usually try and avoid anything too specialised, or Genre's such as Heavy Metal, Rap, Trance and non commercial Dance Music unless specifically requested by the client (where they believe that it would be appreciated by their guests). Of course, we do tailor the music to the age range of the audience, and so if you do have an audience consisting of mainly Younger Guests then the playlist will be tailored accordingly, and exactly the same for older age groups as well.

We have complied a sample document in word format which can be downloaded, and contains a basic playlist for a Wedding Reception. This is just a sample list detailing different area's and the type of tracks which may be played. sample playlist

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